For my most recent works I studied the history of electricity, I was always fascinated by technology. You can’t escape from it in our modern society electricity is al around us and almost everything is e-powered, all because of a few pioneers in the early development of electricity. Fascinated by the time and the old technologies I started working and experimenting. Through trail and error I understood that there where three primary forms of visual manifestation of electricity; Electro magnetism, static electricity and high voltage discharge. These three forms are the pillars of my experiments.

Currently studying the writings of James Clerk Maxwell. Expanding my knowledge on magnetism

and making a series of new work, based on his writings.

- On physical lines of force

- Matter and motion

  1. -A treatise on electricity and magnetism Vol I & II

Selection of work on maxwell:

-Stressculptuur in edition of 3 and original

-Fluid bodies                                                                              -Tensor Em I  magnetic levitation sculpture

                        -Dispensed Over Space ‘DOS’

                        -Tensor (another gravity)